# of weeks What to Expect During the Visit Reminders and General Plans for Your Next Visits
1 6-8 Confirmation Visit. Pelvic exam, prenatal info reviewed, prenatal vitamins prescribed, ultrasound, Pap smear (if due), prenatal labs, urine culture. Review & sign consent forms for genetic testing and foetal screening.
2 12 OB Work-Up: Pap smear (if due), prenatal labs, urine culture OR Genetic testing & foetal screening (if desired with Foetal Medicine Specialist) Discuss tests for high-risk pregnancy
3 16 Routine Visit. AFP blood test Schedule 20-week ultrasound with Foetal Medicine Specialist
4 20 Routine Visit. Anatomy ultrasound (scheduled separately with Foetal Medicine Specialist.)
5 24 Routine Visit. Complete Blood count Instructions for Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (to be done prior to 28 week visit.
6 28 Routine Visit. 1-hour glucose test and Complete Blood Count (if not done at last visit) Rhogam Injection + AB Screen if Rh negative, TDAP Injection Review Cord Blood Banking. Sign up for and attend maternity classes, hospital tour, etc. Begin appointments now every 2 weeks.
7 30 Routine Visit Pre-register at Mediclinic Sandton Hospital
8 32 Routine Visit
9 34 Routine Visit Select a paediatrician. Begin appointments every week.
10 36 Routine Visit. Group B Strep culture, cervix check, bloodwork
11 37 Routine Visit
12 38 Routine Visit
13 39 Routine Visit. Cervix check
14 40 Routine Visit. Cervix check Discuss delivery/induction of labour
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