Thank you so much for all your kind words!

Dr Hall is an empathetic, knowledgeable and amazing doctor! We met Dr Hall for the first time in Nov 2020 when I found out I was pregnant with our first child. Dr Hall was reassuring at all times, was available via email to answer questions I had and made our monthly visits to check on our daughter's progress enjoyable. We especially appreciated the time Dr Hall took to connect and get to know us. Two days before I checked into the hospital, we found out that both my husband and I tested positive for Covid, leaving us feeling anxious and fearful. Dr Hall and Larna were both amazing at providing us with comfort and guidance during this process and, during my delivery, Dr Hall was 'as cool as a cucumber' which really raised our spirits and left us feeling more relaxed. Thank you Dr Hall and Larna for all of your support!

Matt, Nicole & Sage

I would highly recommend Dr. Hall! I first went to see Dr, Hall when I found out I was pregnant with my second child. He had recently taken over from Dr. Barrow (who was my previous OBGYN) and I was initially apprehensive of the thought of changing doctors. However, from the moment I walked into Dr Hall's rooms he made me feel completely at ease. Dr Hall is a brilliant doctor, who is professional, super knowledgeable in his field and thorough. I felt, at all times throughout my pregnancy, that my baby and I were in the best hands! In addition, Dr Hall has a great bedside manner. He is kind, caring and at all my consultations he listened to, and addressed, all my concerns (no matter how big or small). Our beautiful baby boy was born via elective caesarean section. Dr Hall ensured that the entire birth was super calm and relaxed. Dr Hall made me feel reassured throughout. Overall it was an amazing birthing experience! I had very little down time post surgery and my c-section scar is barely visible.

Christopher, Victoria & Grayson

Dr Hall is a qualified gynecologist and obstetrician as his qualifications will prove. He knows his work. It is his warmth and approach to patients that set him apart. I've never met such a warm and all round wholesome doctor! Case in point, when I was admitted for surgery by him, he came to check on me post op. There was one other patient in the room who could hear my conversation with him. As soon as he left the patient asked me who my wonderful doctor was! She wanted his name and office number and exclaimed at what a wonderful doctor he was. He cares about you as his patient and will explain to you in detail whatever is wrong (or right) with you and also explain to you in detail why he's recommending whatever treatment method he's recommending. He's very thorough and dedicated to his work. I'm not sure if anyone ever sets out to find a fabulous doctor but Dr Hall gives you that as well just, you know, as a bonus! What a wholesome human being and overall great doctor!

Sanele N.

We always felt that we were in good hands with Dr Hall. Although we were transferred to Dr Hall late in the pregnancy, he quickly established a good relationship with us and addressed all our concerns with only a couple weeks to go.The delivery (c-section) went smoothly thanks to Dr Hall and his team. We are really grateful to all the staff at Dr Hall’s practice, they have been so professional and conscientious. We have a beautiful healthy baby girl and she is thriving.

Karishma S.

He is kind, compassionate & caring. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease. He delivered my daughter and made her birth a happy and special experience. I would highly recommend Dr Hall, he is one of a kind. Larna, is also amazing. She goes out of her way to support and assist you with everything! The best practice.

Natasha L.

With thanks to Dr Hall, we welcomed our daughter into the world in early January. As a first time mom, having Dr Hall by my side throughout the labour and delivery process meant that I felt calm, safe and in good hands - we worked as a team! However, it is his sense of humour and interest in us, as a family, that I will remember most fondly.

Lisa M.

After an eventful first pregnancy that led to our son being delivered early, we were very careful about who we would trust to be my gynecologist for my second pregnancy. Soon after meeting Dr Hall we understood why my retired gynaecologist had entrusted me to his care. Dr Hall was conscientious, caring and pleasant whilst managing my second pregnancy. He's funny too which is a huge plus! Dr Hall offered a lot of encouragement and advice in handling symptoms of Covid-19 and gestational diabetes that crept up during the pregnancy.
Dr Hall recommended me to additional specialists and conducted tests just to make sure both my baby and I were safe. My pregnancy was very well monitored. Dr Hall made some very critical decisions about how the pregnancy would go that we appreciate. Healing post surgery was a breeze and the scar is tidy and unobtrusive. We are deeply grateful for the dedication, expertise and care that Dr Hall and Larna showed us all the way through to post delivery of our precious daughter. We would strongly recommend Dr Hall to anyone looking for a trustworthy, thorough, caring and competent obstetrician/gynaecologist.

Fari K.

I would just like to take a moment to thank Dr Warren Hall for being the most amazing human that he is.
I first saw Dr Hall several years ago when I had some nasty cells on my cervix. Dr Hall was quick to fix my problem. He was professional and kind throughout the entire process. Always reassuring me and making me feel safe and comfortable. He took a trip for a few years and in that time I could not find anyone to meet the same standards as Dr Hall.
Over the last year or so, I started having some issues with my cycle that was causing me serious distress. I found out that Dr Hall was back from his trip. I was thrilled about this. All it took was one call to explain my issues and Dr immediately made a plan to see me. He ran some tests and went through all my options. It was decided that an abdominal hysterectomy was required. He pushed through all our road blocks to ensure that this surgery would happen immediately and successfully. During the surgery, we hit some more roadblocks and he sailed through them all, making the best decisions on my behalf for my health and safety. He has taken the time to know me as an individual and what would be best for me. During this Covid-19 period, being in hospital is a daunting and scary time, but Dr Hall was more than a Dr to me, he was a friend. He took time out of his busy schedule to just visit and spend time with me so that I wasn't alone. Dr Hall is a kind and compassionate human that refuses to negotiate on his quality and standard of his patients care. He goes the extra mile and above and beyond the call of duty. I trust Dr Hall completely and refuse to see any other Doctor for my lady care.
Thank you Dr Hall for being an exceptional human

Cheryl B.

Hi Dr Hall and Larna, Thank you so much for our little miracle. It's only a few weeks now but it's hard to imagine what life was like without her. Thank you for making my pregnancy journey so amazing. You guys always had a welcoming smile and provided all the support we needed. Wishing you guys all the best....

Loretta M.

When my wife and I found out we were pregnant, we were amazed … I must say “it was a wonder of science for us”.
Finding out that it was twins, a girl and a boy that was a pure blessing and bundle of joy, well if I put it in the words of my wife, "this is an answered prayer.”
We both did not have an idea what to expect in pregnancy as this was during the peak time of Pandemic when we are far away from our loving family, the only thing to go and follow by was parents staying in India, friends who have been through the journey and Dr. Hall. Little did we know that people's journey through pregnancy is different, we had to walk our own, our own Amazing Journey to our Answered Prayer.
And now the Amazing Journey Begins with Dr. Hall. Dr Hall, what a gentle character, patient and caring, we call it guru in our mother-tongue. We had a high-risk pregnancy as it was a Twin Pregnancy, and Dr Hall was there throughout to ensure that our babies were safe. The fact that he used to explain each and everything to us what he sees during regular visits and came across, I think that was the main reason we were too much comfortable and enjoyed the twin pregnancy. Without family it was a most challenging time, but Dr Hall was there to help us through this journey.
Although twin pregnancy always considered as tough one but for us, the ingredients were just right, a very strong woman, my wife, a wise doctor, Dr Hall, and a responsible super-supportive husband who just wanted to be there for his wife, myself. On 30th April 2021 around 02:18 pm, Dr Hall delivered our answered prayer to us as entrusted to him, our babies were here. Our baby girl and our baby boy. Their names, Aadya & Aadvik, meaning the First Power (Aadya) and who is Unique and Unusual (Aadvik).
Dr Warren Hall, we thank God for bringing you to us and we thank Him for putting Science in the hands of capable and responsible men like yourself.

Surya and Nitin K.

To say Dr Hall is a good gynecologist is an understatement. He is the best of the best. Everybody can lavishly give praise without the evidence to back it up. I don't have 1, 2 or 3 reasons to recommend Dr Hall but tonnes. I will share my top 10: 1. He is a dream doctor to every lady who has miscarried before or one who has a delicate pregnancy. He assured me that I was not going to lose my baby and indeed he was right. My bouncing baby boy is right here with me. 2. He is a good listener. He politely answered all my questions and reassured me and my husband that every question matters and it deserves an honest response. 3. He is punctual, no unnecessary waiting in his waiting room. His passion for his field shines through the exceptional quality of his work. 4. The real test of kindness is not displayed by how a doctor treats his or her patients but by how he treats his team, more especially those who report to him. Looking at how Dr Hall treats Larna at the front desk, I immediately knew that we had come to the right place. He treats his team with utmost respect and courtesy. The same principle holds for his patients. 5. As a midwife, I learnt a lot from Dr Hall on how to interact with expectant mothers. Indeed the best teachers don't tell you what to do but they let their actions do the talking. 6. I was blown away by his rich expertise - the man really knows his stuff. Nothing beats putting your pregnancy at the hands of a highly competent and kind physician. 7. He made a deliberate effort to ensure that my husband feels comfortable and actively involved in all our visits to his practice. He provided salient advice to my hubby on how best he would support me and the baby throughout the pregnancy. Needless to say I benefitted a lot, and the back and foot massages from my hubby were to die for. 8. He never spoke ill of other doctors. I remember his words paraphrased as I suppose you are happy with my services but I know for a fact that I am not everybody's cup of tea. If this is not a self aware physician then I don't know what self-awareness and being level headed is. 9. My recovery from the c-section was much more easier than I had anticipated and I owe it all to the good doctor. 10. Last and by no means the least, he left a barely visible scar on my tummy. Thank you very much Dr Hall, Larna and your team.

Noncedo and Darryl N

I couldn't recommend Dr Hall any more highly - he is an attentive, compassionate and kind doctor who made me feel like his only patient and that he would spend as much time with me as needed - answering all my questions! Dr Hall delivered my third baby in April 2023 and it was clear from very early on that we would be in good hands. Dr Hall was also very supportive and helpful during my recovery and my c-section scar is very neat. Thanks so much to Dr Hall and the fabulous Larna for being a part of such a wonderful time my life!

Sally, James and Josie
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